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Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush, commonly referred to as “BK,” “Bubba,” and “Bubba OG Kush,” is an indica cannabis strain that has become well-known in the US and abroad for its potent sedative properties. On the exhale, sweet hashish tastes with hints of coffee and chocolate pleasure the palette as a strong sense of relaxation takes hold. Every muscle in the body feels lighter and less tense, and the mind is enveloped in a hazy bliss that relieves tension and boosts mood. It has striking, hefty buds that range in color from pale purple to forest green. The majority of people think it was brought by Bubba, a California cannabis grower who acquired an uncommon Indica variety in New Orleans. Since then, it has shown to be a superb strain for a variety of therapeutic uses. Its characteristics are comparable to those of the majority of other indica strains, which is seen in how well it can lower stress and lull users to sleep. Although its genetic lineage is unknown, Bubba’s stocky plant size and thick bud structure indicate Afghani heritage. According to the breeder who gave this strain its moniker, It was first appeared shortly after 1996 as a result of an OG Kush pollinating an unidentified indica strain discovered in New Orleans. The mother plant was allegedly Northern Lights, but the genetically murky indica was simply known as “Bubba,” and ever then, it has thrived from its Californian origins.

aka BK, Bubba OG Kush
THC 17% | CBD 0%

THC Level


Sleepy | Hungry | Relaxed

Sleepy 78%
Hungry 54%
Relaxed 100%


Pungent | Earthy | Sweet

Pungent 52%
Earthy 98%
Sweet 73%
Medical Use

Medical Use

Stress | Pain | Insomnia

Stress 73%
Pain 60%
Insomnia 68%
OG Kush


Unknown Indica


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