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Should I Be Vaping CBD? Everything You Need to Know

Should I Be Vaping CBD Everything You Need to Know


Should I be vaping CBD? It is a common question among smokers, as vaping has become one of the most common methods of consuming cannabis. 

Also, there have been diverse opinions on the use and benefits of vaping. For some, the adverse effect outweighs its benefits. This debate has led to the question, should you vape or not?

Do you even know CBD enough to vape it? So many questions are begging for an answer. Read on to see everything you need to know about vaping CBD.

What is CBD Vape?

Vaping is a way of consuming cannabis with battery-operated devices to mimic smoking. The vaping device (or Vaporizer) heats liquid CBD and transforms it into vapor for consumers to inhale straight into the lungs.

Vaping has been in use for over ten years, and it’s increasing in popularity, especially among young adults and teens.

Is It Legal to Vape CBD?

It’s legal in the US, UK, and most western countries to vape CBD. It became legal in the US due to the law passed in 2018 allowing farmers to grow hemp and extract derivatives like CBD. 

The authorities approved the use, provided it has no more than 0.3% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

How Does It Feel to Vape CBD?

Vaping CBD triggers chemicals in the brain that release dopamine to make you feel good. Meanwhile, it doesn’t have the effect of making you get addicted. It also gives a relaxing feeling. The relaxing effect helps with insomnia. 

Vaping is the fastest way to feel the impacts of CBD. But, aside from vaping CBD, you can use other means to take CBD. 

Should I Be Vaping CBD?

Even with licensed cannabis dispensaries, there’s still no concrete regulation in the hemp-derived CBD industry.

However, the decision is yours to make. If you want to vape CBD, go for reliable brands, use a high-quality vaporizer, and avoid pre-filled cartridges and several disposable vape pens. 

Generally, it’s good to consult your doctor before use.

Benefits of CBD Vaping

The most common benefit of CBD is the relaxation and calmness it gives, relief from anxiety or pain, and general mood improvement.

These are the major health effects of vaping CBD;

  • It improves your mental health, calms the mind, and removes stress. 
  • Help to remove sleep disorders. It’s good to use if you’re suffering from sleep disorders. 
  • Vaping CBD can help to alleviate stress and reduce anxiety.
  • The practice also helps to speed up muscle recovery, reduce tension in the fascia and soft tissue, and keeps fit.
  • It can offer massive anti-inflammatory properties. And it helps to alleviate inflammation or arthritis.

Side Effects of Vaping CBD

The most common side effect of vaping CBD is mild drowsiness, especially among first-time users. The drowsiness is mostly caused by vaping high doses of CBD. 

In other words, CBD can cause drowsiness or sleepiness when taken in high doses. However, it can have the opposite impact, promoting alertness, when used in small amounts.

Other side effects often observed are hunger, slight euphoria, and red eyes. 

Some users feel memory loss, seizures, drowsiness, and fatigue after vaping CBD.

Meanwhile, unlike other prescription drugs, the CBD side effects are less pronounced.

Disposable CBD Vape Pens Vs. Refillable CBD Vape Pens

CBD vape pens are a convenient and easy way to dose CBD. They’re pen-shaped devices you can use to vape CBD. 

CBD Vape Pens come in two forms; Disposable and Refillable CBD vape pens. Here are their meanings and similarities.

Disposable CBD vape pens 

This type of vape pen comes pre-filled with CBD vape juice. The pens are small, discreet, and user-friendly. 

Also, they’re packed with a built-in battery. And come fully charged out of the box. So you won’t worry about recharging and filling it with CBD e-juice because it comes pre-filled.

You can also easily take it out of the box and inhale it on your mouthpiece to vape. Disposable CBD vapes can be safely disposed of in an electronic waste bin.

Refillable CBD vape pens

This vape pen is filled with CBD vape juice and is mostly bigger and less discreet, though it gives room for more customizability.

Refillable CBD vape pens have a battery with a tank section. Unlike Disposable CBD vapes, they need recharging every few days.

Also, you can fill them with CBD material or e-juice by opening the tank top and filling it up. The vape pens have a button that you need to press to vape. 

Refillable vape pens can be more complicated than disposable vape pens. However, they offer longer use and more customizability. They’re also more cost-effective in the long run.

Which’s better, Disposable or Refillable CBD Vape Pens?

The answer to this depends on what you want. A Disposable CBD vape pen is smaller and more discreet, making it easier to move about with and use without much maintenance. 

However, they can be expensive because of their limited lifespan since you can remove them after the inside e-juice runs out. 

Refillable CBD vape pens aren’t small but have more power and customizability. You may go for them if you’re under budget because they’re more cost-effective. 

Also, refillable CBD vape pens permit you to use numerous CBD e-juice flavors in the market. In other words, you won’t be limited to flavors that a disposable provides. Instead, you can vape any e-juice you want, whether CBD or not.

CBD Vaping Tips for Beginners

CBD Vaping doesn’t require any complexity before taking. It’s easy to use. When you choose a vaping device, be sure to read the included user manual.

For Disposables, you only need to inhale via the mouthpiece to begin enjoying the CBD. This is because they’re draw-activated and mostly have no buttons. 

You don’t need to learn anything, provided you know where to put your lips. You may go for Disposable vape pens if you’re a newbie.

If you want to use pods, cartridges, and vape pens, read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions seriously. And if you’re already vaping with vape juice, going or switching to CBD vape juice would be easier with the devices. 

You may use your vape device, but know that CBD e-liquid is thin and can cause spillages when not handled well. Therefore, it’s always better to use a device specifically for CBD vaping.

It’s also important to get CBD e-liquid from a reliable brand with proof of lab tests, good reviews, and user testimonials.

Does CBD Vape Help To Quit Smoking?

Research has shown that vaping CBD can be a good way of quitting nicotine and other e-cigarettes. This is because the endocannabinoid system in CBD can influence the body’s drug-seeking behaviors before initiating the skin’s reward mechanisms.

CBD is becoming a popular option for smokers trying to get into vaporization because of its non-psychotropic and non-toxicity nature. In fact, over the last three years, more vapors have been switching from nicotine to CBD. 

What to Consider When Deciding on a CBD Vape Pen

You have to consider certain factors before getting a CBD vape pen. First, purchase your CBD vape pen from a reputable manufacturer. 

You may be overwhelmed with several CBD products in the market. So research and take time before patronizing a brand to get a high-quality product.

Also, select the right flavor. CBD oil contains an earthy flavor that most buyers don’t like. You’re free to choose a flavor like strawberries, peach, and wild mint, most suitable to your needs and taste.

Generally, be sure you’re buying a high-quality CBD vape pen for easy use, maintenance, and regular cleaning and coil change.


Does Vaping CBD Oil Get You High?

Vaping CBD oil doesn’t get you high. It doesn’t get high or intoxicated because it has little or no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

Can You Overdose on It?

Unlike other substances, CBD isn’t lethal. No authority study has reported an overdose of vaping CBD oil. 

Can You Mix CBD Oil with Vape Juice?

You shouldn’t mix CBD oils with vape juice, particularly if you’re thinking of mixing a CBD Oil tincture with a traditional e-liquid. It won’t work.

How Long Does CBD Vape Juice Last?

If you take the necessary precautions to keep CBD products away from light, heat, and air, CBD vape juice can maintain its potency and freshness for two years.

Does Vaping CBD Help You Lose Weight?

Vaping doesn’t help you lose weight. Even though CBD e-liquids have nicotine that could suppress appetite, it doesn’t contribute to helping you lose weight.

Can CBD Vape Help Quit Smoking?

Vaping CBD can help ease smoking cravings by offering an alternative to cigarettes. Rather than smoking harmful nicotine, you’re inhaling the goodness of CBD.

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